This page is a list of missions given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City.

Mission For Total Reward Notes
In the Beginning
An Old Friend
Sonny Forelli Ocean View Hotel (safehouse) Only joint mission in game.
The Party
Back Alley Brawl
Jury Fury
Ken Rosenberg

Soiree Outfit
Coveralls Outfit
Baseball Bat available at Bunch of Tools

Road Kill
Check Out at the Check In
Waste the Wife
Loose Ends
Mr Black $30,500
  • These are the payphone missions.
  • Mr Black does not appear in the game.
  • These missions are not given all in a row. They are being given at different points
Four Iron
Demolition Man
Two Bit Hit
Avery Carrington

$4,000 total
Leaf Links Country Club
Country Club Outfit 

Treacherous Swine
Mall Shootout
Guardian Angels
Sir, Yes Sir
All Hands on Deck
Colonel Juan Cortez $1,750 total
Starfish Island
Casual Clothes Outfit
The Chase
Phnom Penh '86
The Fastest Boat
Supply and Demand
Ricardo Diaz

Vice City Mainland

Even though Supply and Demand is the last mission for Diaz as Boss, the mission Rub Out is the last mission to see Diaz as the owner of the mansion.
Death Row Kent Paul Nothing The only mission to be given by Kent Paul
Stunt Boat Challenge
Cannon Fodder
Naval Engagement
Trojan Voodoo
Umberto Robina $17,000 N/A
Juju Scramble
Bombs Away!
Dirty Lickin's
Auntie Poulet


Rub Out
Bar Brawl
Cop Land
Keep Your Friends Close...
Tommy Vercetti $66,000
Vercetti Estate
Asset missions available to purchase
Keep Your Friends Close is the final mission in the game
Love Juice
Psycho Killer
Publicity Tour
Love Fist $14,000
Love Fist Limo
The Mitch Baker missions need to be completed in order to access Psycho Killer and Publicity Tour.
Alloy Wheels of Steel
Messing with the Man
Hog Tied
Mitch Baker $7,000 These are unlocked after the completion of the mission Love Juice.
Cap the Collector Earnest Kelly $30,000

2nd from last mission.

Unlocked by completion of Cop Land and Hit the Courier as well as the completion of 4 other asset missions.

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